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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walmart 05/13/10

Well here's how my WALMART shopping trip went, on my lunch break- I only bought items that I had a coupon for:

Bic Pens 1.00
-1.00 coupon- printed HERE: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=zemlege64691780&bt=wi&o=63492&c=BI&p=yzH7RtKG

Final price: FREE

Schick Razors 1.97
-2.00 coupon -printed from the interenet- coupons.com
Final cost: .03 profit

7Up 1.25
-1.00 coupon- printed from the interent (no longer avaiable)
Final price: .25cents

Redbaron full pizza..price 4.98
-1.50 coupon- found in sunday paper
Final price: 3.48

Redbaron pizza by the slice 3.00
-1.00 coupon
plus mail in to get the pizza free by rebate
found in the sunday paper
Final price: 1.00 profit

CAmpbells soup 1.24
-1.00 coupon
came in the mail
Final price: .24cents

Stoufers Sandwich 2.48
-1.00 coupon- found in sundays paper
Final price: 1.48

Special K crackers 2.84
-1.50 coupon printed from the interenet ..coupons.com
Final cost: 1.34

Austin Crackers .97 cents
no coupon

BBQ Sauce 1.42
-1.00 coupon
found in the sundays paper
Final cost : .42 cents

Uncle Bens Rice 1.78
-1.00 coupon- found in the sundays paper
Final cost .78 cents

Total Bill: 22.93
What I paid: 11.93
REbate 3.00
(Which is already in the mail)
Final cost: 8.93
Savings: 14.00

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