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Monday, May 24, 2010

Walgreens trip #4...May 24 2010

2/18.00 huggies
-3.00 coupon
-3.00 coupon
gt back 3.00 in RR
Final cost : 4.50 each

2 crunch bars on sale for .49 cents each
with walgreens instore coupon

Goody headband on sale 2.99
get back 3.00 in RR
Final cost : FREE

Lastly, I was looking for a small filler item,
I saw that red cup for .99 cents with samples
I thought maybe it would have coupons in there
NOPE.. I feel like Walgreens GOT ME b/c I got something
that wasnt on the list- but oh well my bill was still
cheap and my son will love that red cup :)

Wag coupon savings: .61
Wag advertised savings: 3.98
MFG coupon savings 19.00

I used an 8.00 RR and a 5.00 RR

Total I paid : 3.75
got back 6.00 in RR

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