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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Krogers trip 05/27/10

My first transacation:
4 cases of water-24 packs on sale 3/10.00…buy 4 and get back 5.00 catalina
2/-1.00 coupons –from the internet
Final cost : 1.58 each after coupons and catalina

1 box of wheat thin crackers on sale 1.88
-1.00 coupon from facebook
Final cost .88 cents

7 packages of lifesavers on sale 1.00 each
7 coupons printed from the interent
Some where 1.00 off, .75 cents off and .50 cents- which
Doubled-made them FREE- I had a coupon for each of them J

Total Savings: 24.72
What I paid: 14.93
And got the 5.00 back in calatalina

2nd transaction:
9 tubs of baby wipes on sale for 1.99
Get 3.00 off instantly
I had coupons for each of them
Some printed from the interenet
Some mailed to my house
I used that 5.00 catalina from
above too.
Total Savings: 22.30
What I paid: 2.07

So, 17.00 even for all this


  1. WOW!!! I like reading about great coupn savings!!!

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  2. wow, you got a lot of great deals! thank you for stopping by my blog!

  3. Wow what a haul!

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  4. Way to go!! Thanks for visiting my blog too! I'll definitely be coming back here :-).

  5. You are so good and inspiring!! It is quite a rush when you get a great deal!!

  6. Nice! I LOVE shopping with coupons. I feel so accomplished when I spend less and come out with bags of stuff.

    btw, YOU are the WINNER of my CSN $35 gift certificate giveaway!!!!

    Just Better Together

  7. You did great! Couponing got us through undergraduate and grad school -- I'm pretty sure we would have starved otherwise! It's sure changed with technology, though! Being able to load coupons onto a Kroger card just kills me!

    Thanks for visiting House Revivals, and good luck with the CSN give-away!

  8. Great job!

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