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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Krogers trip 05/27/10

My first transacation:
4 cases of water-24 packs on sale 3/10.00…buy 4 and get back 5.00 catalina
2/-1.00 coupons –from the internet
Final cost : 1.58 each after coupons and catalina

1 box of wheat thin crackers on sale 1.88
-1.00 coupon from facebook
Final cost .88 cents

7 packages of lifesavers on sale 1.00 each
7 coupons printed from the interent
Some where 1.00 off, .75 cents off and .50 cents- which
Doubled-made them FREE- I had a coupon for each of them J

Total Savings: 24.72
What I paid: 14.93
And got the 5.00 back in calatalina

2nd transaction:
9 tubs of baby wipes on sale for 1.99
Get 3.00 off instantly
I had coupons for each of them
Some printed from the interenet
Some mailed to my house
I used that 5.00 catalina from
above too.
Total Savings: 22.30
What I paid: 2.07

So, 17.00 even for all this

A friend of mine's...WALMART...shopping trip 05/26/10

Here's what she said:

I used my tyson chicken coupons.. the buffalo strips were 2.99 so i paid 1.99
The air wick was buy one get one free and then a dollar off one.. so i paid 1.98 for two.
I got the nail clipper for .49 cents.. i had a revlon coupn..
I got the bubble scrubbles 2 in 1 for free and then 1.00 off the gel..
And the gillette buy one get one free.. plus a 2.00 off coupon.
Along with the others stuff she didnt post about.

Her bill: 60.33
Savings: 44.46
What she paid: 15.87

She did a great job- leave a comment if you have any questions!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walmart trip...05/26/10

Kroger's is too far to go on my lunch break, so I took the ad to Walmart. And beware, this is the 3rd time in a row some item has rung up- overpriced and I had to go to customer service to get some money back.
Here's the deals:

Triscuits on sale 1.88
2/-1.00 coupon in sundays paper
final cost: 1.38 each

Heinz Ketchup 40oz on sale for 1.00
-.50 coupon- mailed to me
Final cost: .50 cents

Sweet BAby Rays BBQ Sauce on sale 1.00
-1.00 coupon in sundays paper
final cost : FREE

Flushable wipes 1.64
3/-1.00 coupons mailed to me
final cost: .64 cents each

Air Wick on sale 5.40
( It rang up 7.97)
-4.00 coupon
final cost: 1.40

Vlasic relish on sale for 1.00
3/-.55 coupons from sundays paper
final cost: .45 cents each

Baby food not on sale .94
no coupon either

Total bill :24.92
Savings: 14.93
What I paid: 9.99

Monday, May 24, 2010

Schick Razors-WALMART-FREE

In this weeks sunday paper- there is a coupon for 2.00 off any schick razors...this package of 12 razors cost 1.97 at walmart-so get them for FREE. This coupons come all the time, i think i have around 5 packages already....

Walgreens trip #4...May 24 2010

2/18.00 huggies
-3.00 coupon
-3.00 coupon
gt back 3.00 in RR
Final cost : 4.50 each

2 crunch bars on sale for .49 cents each
with walgreens instore coupon

Goody headband on sale 2.99
get back 3.00 in RR
Final cost : FREE

Lastly, I was looking for a small filler item,
I saw that red cup for .99 cents with samples
I thought maybe it would have coupons in there
NOPE.. I feel like Walgreens GOT ME b/c I got something
that wasnt on the list- but oh well my bill was still
cheap and my son will love that red cup :)

Wag coupon savings: .61
Wag advertised savings: 3.98
MFG coupon savings 19.00

I used an 8.00 RR and a 5.00 RR

Total I paid : 3.75
got back 6.00 in RR

Walgreens trip...#2.and #3...05/23/10

Trip #2
Colgate total on sale 2.99
-.75 coupon from sunday paper
get back 2.00 in RR
Final cost: .24 cents

2 Huggies on sale 2/18.00
get back 3.00 in RR's
2/-3.00 coupons
Final cost: 4.50 each

2 M&m's for my hubby
I needed a filler item to use
my RR's

Used the 8.00 RR from the contact lens from trip 1
Used 4.50 RR from last week
Wag Savings: 3.48
Coupon Savings: 19.25
Total Savings 22.73

What I paid: 3.42
Got back 5.00 in RR's

trip 3
Contact solution on sale for 7.99
get back 8.00 in RR's
-2.00 coupon from last sundays paper
Final cost: FREE plus 2.00 money maker

Again- I needed a filler
item so I could use my RR's
so I got 3 boxes of pudding

Wag Savings 1.50
Coupon savings 7.00
I used the RR's from the huggies and the toothpase
3.00 and 2.00

What I paid: 2.07
got back 8.00 in RR's

OF COURSE I AM going back to get more HUGGIES today......
I still have a 8.00 in RR and the 5.00....and I still have plenty of
huggies coupons too!!

Walgreens trip....#1......May 23 2010

4 sandies cookies on sale 4/10.00
get 5.00 in RR back
3/-1.00 coupons- printed from coupons.com
Final cost: .50 cents each

Contact solution on sale for 7.99
get 8.00 in RR back
-2.00 coupon found in last
sundays paper
Final cost: FREE plus 2.00 money maker

Total Wag Savings: 5.46
Coupon savings: 14.00
Total savings 19.46
I did use 2 RR's from last week- 4.50 each
Total Bill 4.34
Got back 13.00 in RR's

ok, so looking at this bill, I did pay 4.34 but my son likes
the cookies- thank goodness!!

Krogers trip May 22 2010

Krogers Deal going on through 6/5/10
Spend 15.00 get 3.00 off instantly on huggies products...

I bought 8 wipes
had coupons for all of them
They were 2.00 coupons off of any
huggies products and 1.00 off coupons-
which i got in the mail.

Total Savings: 19.60
Total bill: $$$$ 2.35

Ok and then i did the deal again, but had a few different coupons,
I did use 2 of the coupons printed online at coupons.com and a few others
Total Savings: 16.35
Total bill: 5.60

Brookshire Bros. trip May 23 2010

Small steps toliet paper- 2 packages at 1.29 each
2/-1.00 coupons from the sunday paper
Final cost .29 cents each

Wish Bone Italian Dressing on sale
B1G1 FREE-price 2.69 for 16oz bottle
1 free
1 2.69
-1.50 coupon- found in this sundays paper
Final cost: 1.19
or .60 each

Total Bill: 1.77

A friend of mine's shopping trip......Krogers 05/22/10

1st transaction
1 snug and dry diapers,
4 wipes-3 instant
-3 diaper coupon
-2/2 wipes
-2/2 wipes

coupon savings- 7
kroger plus savings-6.58
what i paid- 7.52

2nd transaction
1 snug and dry diapers
4 wipes
2 sweet baby ray's bbq sauce
-3 instant
-3 diaper coupon
-2/2 wipes
-2/2 wipes
2 FREE sweet baby ray's bbq sauce ( Just email the company and ask if they have any coupons they could send your way)

coupon savings- 11.78
kroger plus savings- 8.36
what i paid- 5.74

what i paid for both- 13.26

Friday, May 21, 2010

A friend of mines' shopping trip....Kroger's May 20 2010

Krogers is having a great sale starting now through 6/5/10...on Huggies Products ....
Spend 15.00 and get 3.00 OFF instantly at the checkout.

Here's what she got:

Huggies diapers
-3.00 coupon from coupons.com
4 huggies wipes
2/-2.00 wyb 2 coupon from coupons.com
-3.00 off instantly
Final price: 7.57
Oh and she picked up those BIC pens from walmart- there are 1.00 each and she used
2/-1.00 off coupons from BIC website....so those were FREE.
I am NOT sure if she went to Walmart JUST to pick up those pens- but if she did...................
I would say she is getting addicted to SAVINGS

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Walmart trip May 19 2010

My total bill: 49.72
savings 33.06
What i paid 16.66

I got 6 boxes of those crackers b/c after using my coupons they were
48 cents a box and I have 6 coupons for 1.50 off each-which were about to expire- I sure hope they are good- coupons printed from coupons.com

The tucks-4 boxes costed me .56 cents total- you never know
When that hemmorid is going to pop back up- printed from the interent

We are definitely stocked on BBQ but for .42 cents- coupons
from the paper.

And yogurt was 25cents each- .60 coupon from the paper wyb 4

Skinny cow ice cream 1.22
B1G1 free coupon
plus 1.00 off coupon
Final cost : .22 cents for both

Sponges .88 cents each
-1.00 coupon wyb 2
final cost .38 cents each

Kleenex hand towels 2.77
final cost 1.77

Gerber foods .94 each
-1.00 coupon
final cost: .69 each

Pizza 4.98
-1.50 coupon
final cost : 3.48

The only thing I got that didn’t have a coupon was those strawberries
Leave me a comment if you need help finding any of the coupons or you
need me to help you look for a good sale.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Walgreens Late Night trip May 16 2010

Lifesavers on sale B1G1 FREE

the 1.00 coupon wouldnt work- ugh

she said i got the wrong one's

so final price: 1.14 each

Gillette body wash on sale 4.49

-B1G1 FREE coupon

-2.00 off the deordorant

coupons found in sunday paper

get back 4.49 in RR's

Final price : -2.00 profit

Total Savings: 13.78

What I paid: .28 cents

I got back 4.49 in RR's for next trip!

Walgreens trip May 16 2010

Werthers Original on sale BIGI FREE
the coupons I found for that didnt work
Final price: 1.14 each

Lifesavers on sale BIGI FREE
-1.00 from the green in store coupon book
Final price: .65 each

Gillettte body wash on sale for 4.49
get back 4.49 in RR's
-B1G1 coupon from sundays paper
-4.00 coupon from sundays paper
Final price: .49 for both and profit 4.00

Stride Gum 2/2.00
-B1G1 FREE coupon from sunday paper
-1.00 coupon from green in store coupon book
Final price: BOTH FREE

Total Savings 20.05
What I paid 1.16
got back 4.49 in RR's

CVS trip May 16 2010

Dawn Dish soap on sale 12/10.00..so .83 each
I had 4 coupons some for .25 and .50
Final price: .58 cents or .33 cents each

Dial soap on sale for 1.88
-.35 coupon- got in the mail
get back 1.00 in cvs bucks
Final price: .53 cents

Renuzit Crystals on sale for 3.99
-3.00 coupon from sunday paper
Final price: .99 cents
Herbal Essence shampoo on sale for 2.99
-1.00 coupon in sunday paper
get back 2.00 in cvs bucks
Final price: Free
Lady speed stick deordorant on sale 2.99
-1.00 coupon from sunday paper
get back 2.00 in cvs bucks
Final price: FREE
Total saved: 24.12
I used 4.99 in cvs bucks
I paid 1.73
got back 5.00 in cvs for next week!

Walmart shopping trip May 16 2010

Whats for breakfast, lunch or dinner…….8 boxes of cereal, they wont even fit into the pantry- opps. There are so many coupons for cereal and Randalls has them on sale for 1.00, 1.50 or 2.00- use a coupon and its even cheaper…I took the paper to Walmart since its closer for me.
Here’s what I got:

Bic Pens- FREE
For coupon print here.. http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=zemlege64691780&bt=wi&o=63492&c=BI&p=yzH7RtKG

Mac n cheese- FREE
Sign up at facebook for the
Free coupon

7UP- .25 cents
Coupon was printed from
Interent- but no longer

Hot Dogs on sale at Krogers
For .99 cents each
No coupon

Baby oatmeal
No coupon

Uncle Bens Rice-FREE
Coupon came in the mail

Cream of mushroom 4 cans of 1.24 each
-2/1.00 coupons printed from campbells.com
Final price : .74 each

Pasta Sauce 2/1.93
-1.50 coupon- printed from interenet
Final price : 1.18 each

Tucks 2.74
-3.00 coupon- printed from coupons.com
Final price: FREE plus .26 profit

Quakers Bars 4/1.50
-2/.75 when you buy 2
Final price: 1.12 each

BBQ sauce 1.42
-1.00 coupon from Sunday paper
Final price: .42 each

Cereal- 8 boxes
I cant remember the exact prices and
Coupons but I have a coupon for every one…

Total Bill: 38.29
Savings: 20.00
What I paid: 18.31

A friend of mine's.......walgreens trip May 16 2010

She said she ....
paid 16.00
got back 4.00 in walgreens bucks

A friend of mine's walgreens trip May 16 2010

total savings 28.25
wag coupon savigns: 6.18
wag advertised savings: 6.58
MFG coupons: 15.49
Paid 9.31

A Friend of mine's .............CVS trip May 15 2010

Right guard deodorant- on sale 2.99, got back 2 EB
Huggies little movers diapers
- on sale 8.49, used 3 dollar coupon, got back 2 EB
Gallon oak farms milk-
on sale 2.99, got back 1 EB
Cvs brand trash bags-
3.99- not on sale
Used 4.99 EB from Friday’s U by kotex purchase, 2.50 EB that is had for winter savings and 3 off 15 dollar purchase.

Total she paid 6.00
got back 5EB
She did awesome!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walmart 05/13/10

Well here's how my WALMART shopping trip went, on my lunch break- I only bought items that I had a coupon for:

Bic Pens 1.00
-1.00 coupon- printed HERE: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=zemlege64691780&bt=wi&o=63492&c=BI&p=yzH7RtKG

Final price: FREE

Schick Razors 1.97
-2.00 coupon -printed from the interenet- coupons.com
Final cost: .03 profit

7Up 1.25
-1.00 coupon- printed from the interent (no longer avaiable)
Final price: .25cents

Redbaron full pizza..price 4.98
-1.50 coupon- found in sunday paper
Final price: 3.48

Redbaron pizza by the slice 3.00
-1.00 coupon
plus mail in to get the pizza free by rebate
found in the sunday paper
Final price: 1.00 profit

CAmpbells soup 1.24
-1.00 coupon
came in the mail
Final price: .24cents

Stoufers Sandwich 2.48
-1.00 coupon- found in sundays paper
Final price: 1.48

Special K crackers 2.84
-1.50 coupon printed from the interenet ..coupons.com
Final cost: 1.34

Austin Crackers .97 cents
no coupon

BBQ Sauce 1.42
-1.00 coupon
found in the sundays paper
Final cost : .42 cents

Uncle Bens Rice 1.78
-1.00 coupon- found in the sundays paper
Final cost .78 cents

Total Bill: 22.93
What I paid: 11.93
REbate 3.00
(Which is already in the mail)
Final cost: 8.93
Savings: 14.00

OLD NAVY Coupon HUNT is every Thursday

It’s Thursday!!! That means today is the day to snag some hot Old Navy Coupons on Facebook from Barker’s Bones! Log on the the Old Navy Facebook page, then click the tab that says “Barkers Bones”. thanks freaksamplefree.com

my coupon for today was 15.00 off 75.00- so i am waiting for a better one- maybe next week!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

7 Up Coupon

print the coupon TWICE...most likely you can find 2 liter bottles for 1.00 making your cost

CVS trip 5/12/10

I went home yesterday and there was a coupon in the mail for kotex and i found a few more coupons, so of course i had to go back today.

Here's what I got:

U by Kotex on sale for 4.99
-1.00 coupon- that came in my mail
get back 4.99 in bucks
final price: 1.00 profit

Right Guard on sale for 2.99
-1.50 coupon- they only had one of them yesterday
so I'm glad they restocked.
get back 2.00 in bucks
final price:. .51 cents profit

Bayer on sale for 1.00
-1.00 coupons
final price: FREE

Total savings: 14.58
I paid 5.00 with CVS bucks that
I got from yesterday.
Total I paid out of pocket : .62 cents

bucks I got back $7.00

I'm ready for next week now :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CVS trip 5/11/10

I am trying to get the deals at CVS too...Here is what I got:

Milk on sale for 2.99
-1.00 coupon- found in sundays paper
2.99-1.00= 1.99 and get back 1.00 in CVS bucks
final price: .99 cents

Bayer low does asprins on sale for 1.00
-1.00 coupon
makes them FREE
I bought 5 of them- some coupons I got in my mail and some i printed
from here:http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=zekldvb42801162&bt=wi&o=61311&c=BA&p=A3Dhf1Ul

Carefree on sale for 1.00
-1.00 coupon from sundays paper
final price: FREE

Huggies on sale for 8.49
-2.50 coupon printed online- no longer available
plus get back 2.00 in CVS bucks
final price: 3.99

Right Guard on sale for 2.99
-1.50 coupon- print it from coupons.com
get back 2.00 in CVS bucks
final price: .50 profit

My total bill: 8.97
total savings : 25.84
bucks i got back for next weeks trip

so its like i paid 3.97 so the above items...

Here are some more deals that the store is out of- but they may have them in your area or maybe they will restock later:

Pantene shampoo on sale for 2/6.97
print 2 coupons or find them in the
sunday paper
pay 4.97 and get back
2.00 in CVS bucks
final cost 1.00 each

U by Kotex on sale for 4.99
print coupon from website- if you havent already done so
-1.00 coupon
pay 3.99 and get back 5.00 in CVS bucks
so either FREE or 1.00 PROFIT

CREST PRO rinse or toothpaste on sale for 3.50
get back 3.50 in CVS bucks
final price : FREE

Monday, May 10, 2010

Walgreens 5/10/10

So, I'm addicted...Yes, I had 2 sets of coupons- so I went to 2 different stores that are very close to me..This is what i got on my lunch break- I did the deal twice.

Schick Hydro 3 Razor..on sale 7.99

-5.00 coupon- found in sundays paper


Final cost: 2.99

get back 5.00 in RR

Infusimu Shampoo on sale 5.99

-2.00 in store coupon

-3.00 sundays paper

Final cost .99 cents

EOS Shave Cream on sale 2.99

get back 2.99 in RR

Final ocst FREE

The candy on sale for .39 cents

My totals

I had 7.00 in RR that I used from last week.

Wag Advertised savings 2.90

coupon savings 17.00

What i paid .39cents

plus i got back 8.00 in RR

for next weeks shopping trip!

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Randalls trip 5/8/10

Remember- you have to stockpile when things are on sale and you have a coupon.

Here's my bill:

card savings:19.97

coupon savings :19.89

Total savings :39.86

what i paid :18.76

Here's what I got:

cereal- on sale for 1.49
5/1.00 coupons
final cost .49 cents each

Juice- on sale for 1.99
when you buy 5
5/1.00 coupons
final cost .99 cents each

Diapers on sale 7.99
3.00 off coupon
final cost 4.99

Rice on sale 1.79
2/.50 coupons- remember they double this
final cost .79 cents each

Chips on sale 1.88
BIGI coupon- they actually took
off the regular price of the chips
final cost .47 for 2 bags of chips

3 gerber foods- no coupon :(
final cost 3.00

Check your coupons and happy shopping !

Friday, May 7, 2010

Schick Hydro Razor- Walgreens - Money Maker

Starting 5/9/10..Walgreens is having a sale on Schick Hydro Razors
Sale price 7.99
There is going to be a 5.00 coupon in the paper.
Final price ...2.99 out of pocket and you'll
get back $5.00 in RR...
money maker of 2.01
plus the free razor

HELP feed the NEEDY

If your kids need something to do..this is an educational way to help them and FEED the NEEDY...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

CVS:Right Guard Moneymaker starting 5-9-10

Right Guard on sale 2.99

Starting clipping all the coupons you find and printing them online...this one's a moneymaker. Right Guard $2.99 and you'll get $2.00 ECB...Most coupons are buy 2 and get 3.00 off...so buy 2, use the 3.00 off coupon, pay 2.98 and get back $4.00 Ecb

Final cost both FREE + $1.00 moneymaker!

Thanks. hip2save

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do you need shaving cream?

It'll be FREE next week at Walgreens...

check back to see how :)

Pottery Barn- lunch bag 5.99 plus free shipping

School is coming to an end, i am guessing thats why these lunches boxes are on sale. very cute..
thanks ...forthemommas.com

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce

Have you had it? Me neither until yesterday- all i did was email them and asked if they had any coupons, so I could try their product out- they send 3 coupons for me to get 3 bottle for FREE..We tried it last night and its REALLY good.

here's the link:

Sample showcase by US Postal Service

Sign up- i got my package in the mail yesterday..it had samples of deordorant, candy, meat seasonings, lotion, shampoo...

Walgreens trip 5/3/2010

I took my daughter for her 6 month check up and I passed by a Walgreens store, so I had to go in....sorry no picture but its the same sale this week.

My total bill $18.32
My savings -$13.39
What i paid $ 4.84
My RR i got back $5.00

Kleenex on sale .99 cents
I had 2/-.50 coupons
Final price .49 each

U by Kotex 2/7.00
Use 2/-1.00 coupons ( I had my friend print me 2 from her computer- b/c i had already printed mine.)
Final price 7.00-1.00-1.00=5.00 -plus you get $3.00 RR
so Final price 1.00 each

Irish body soap on sale for 2.99
Use -.50 coupon..get back 2.00 in RR
Final price...49 cents

Monday, May 3, 2010

Walgreens week of 5/2-5/8...my trip 5/2

Just starting out, but Really who can pass up really cheap deals or even better FREE products...Follow me and learn how to SAVE money and clean out your closet- your going to need alot of space for all the STOCKPILING your about to do.

Be prepared....know what you'll be paying before you get to the cash register....KNOW how much the store is going to give you back....YES...you will be getting money back. Who cares if I've used a particula soap for years, not anymore...its all about whats on SALE NOW!!!
This is the deal i bought....

My Total Bill 66.26
Savings 60.14
What i had to pay 6.12
RR back $10.00 for my next shopping trip!
(I did shop last week so i had some RR to use
but i cant remember how much i used).

Kleenex -walgreens coupon-find it in the salespaper .99cent
3/-.50 kleenex coupons- requested from company
making them
Final price .49 each

U by Kotex on sale for 2/7.00 .....get $3.00 in RR
2/-1.00 off coupon- get it here...http://www.ubykotex.com/get_coupons/overview
print 2 coupons
7.00-1.00-1.00 =5.00...get back 3.00 in RR..making them
Final price 1.00 each

Nivea Products on sale for 20% off..Buy $15.00 or more and
receive $5.00 in REgister Rewards...good on your next purchase
Nivea body soap 5.59
Nivea body soap 5.59
Nivea lip care 2.39
Nivea lip care 2.39
Use a B1G1 free coupon for the body wash ( found in the ALL YOU magainezine- buy it from walmart) -5.59
Use a 4.00 off coupon (found in the houston chronicle)
Use a B1G1 free coupon for the lip care (found in the ALL YOU magazine) -2.39
Use a -1.00 off coupon (found in the houston chronicle)
Final price 2.39 for all 3 products
plus $5.00 in RR rewards...

Sure Deordorant on sale for 2/3.00
Use the walgreens coupon ( found in the salespaper)
Use -1.50 off coupon and -1.00 off coupon ( found in the houston chronicle)
Final price .50 cents for 2

Irish Spring Body Wash on sale for 2.99 each...get $2.00 in RR
Use -.50 coupons (found in the houston chronicle)
Final Price .49 cents
get back $2.00 in RR

Pert Plus Shampoo on sale for 1.99
Use -1.50 coupon and -1.00 coupons (found in the houston chronicle)
Final price 1.48 for 2

Tresemme Products on sale for 3/10.00
Use a B1G1 coupon
Use a 2/-3.00 coupon
Final price ...67 for all 3

M&M's and Snickers on sale for .49
No coupon needed