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Friday, October 1, 2010

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There is so many giveaways on the interent- its unbeleiveable and so many good sites for coupons and store deals. i am restarting the blog- get ready- set and let's enjoy the ride.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Krogers trip 05/27/10

My first transacation:
4 cases of water-24 packs on sale 3/10.00…buy 4 and get back 5.00 catalina
2/-1.00 coupons –from the internet
Final cost : 1.58 each after coupons and catalina

1 box of wheat thin crackers on sale 1.88
-1.00 coupon from facebook
Final cost .88 cents

7 packages of lifesavers on sale 1.00 each
7 coupons printed from the interent
Some where 1.00 off, .75 cents off and .50 cents- which
Doubled-made them FREE- I had a coupon for each of them J

Total Savings: 24.72
What I paid: 14.93
And got the 5.00 back in calatalina

2nd transaction:
9 tubs of baby wipes on sale for 1.99
Get 3.00 off instantly
I had coupons for each of them
Some printed from the interenet
Some mailed to my house
I used that 5.00 catalina from
above too.
Total Savings: 22.30
What I paid: 2.07

So, 17.00 even for all this

A friend of mine's...WALMART...shopping trip 05/26/10

Here's what she said:

I used my tyson chicken coupons.. the buffalo strips were 2.99 so i paid 1.99
The air wick was buy one get one free and then a dollar off one.. so i paid 1.98 for two.
I got the nail clipper for .49 cents.. i had a revlon coupn..
I got the bubble scrubbles 2 in 1 for free and then 1.00 off the gel..
And the gillette buy one get one free.. plus a 2.00 off coupon.
Along with the others stuff she didnt post about.

Her bill: 60.33
Savings: 44.46
What she paid: 15.87

She did a great job- leave a comment if you have any questions!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walmart trip...05/26/10

Kroger's is too far to go on my lunch break, so I took the ad to Walmart. And beware, this is the 3rd time in a row some item has rung up- overpriced and I had to go to customer service to get some money back.
Here's the deals:

Triscuits on sale 1.88
2/-1.00 coupon in sundays paper
final cost: 1.38 each

Heinz Ketchup 40oz on sale for 1.00
-.50 coupon- mailed to me
Final cost: .50 cents

Sweet BAby Rays BBQ Sauce on sale 1.00
-1.00 coupon in sundays paper
final cost : FREE

Flushable wipes 1.64
3/-1.00 coupons mailed to me
final cost: .64 cents each

Air Wick on sale 5.40
( It rang up 7.97)
-4.00 coupon
final cost: 1.40

Vlasic relish on sale for 1.00
3/-.55 coupons from sundays paper
final cost: .45 cents each

Baby food not on sale .94
no coupon either

Total bill :24.92
Savings: 14.93
What I paid: 9.99

Monday, May 24, 2010

Schick Razors-WALMART-FREE

In this weeks sunday paper- there is a coupon for 2.00 off any schick razors...this package of 12 razors cost 1.97 at walmart-so get them for FREE. This coupons come all the time, i think i have around 5 packages already....

Walgreens trip #4...May 24 2010

2/18.00 huggies
-3.00 coupon
-3.00 coupon
gt back 3.00 in RR
Final cost : 4.50 each

2 crunch bars on sale for .49 cents each
with walgreens instore coupon

Goody headband on sale 2.99
get back 3.00 in RR
Final cost : FREE

Lastly, I was looking for a small filler item,
I saw that red cup for .99 cents with samples
I thought maybe it would have coupons in there
NOPE.. I feel like Walgreens GOT ME b/c I got something
that wasnt on the list- but oh well my bill was still
cheap and my son will love that red cup :)

Wag coupon savings: .61
Wag advertised savings: 3.98
MFG coupon savings 19.00

I used an 8.00 RR and a 5.00 RR

Total I paid : 3.75
got back 6.00 in RR

Walgreens trip...#2.and #3...05/23/10

Trip #2
Colgate total on sale 2.99
-.75 coupon from sunday paper
get back 2.00 in RR
Final cost: .24 cents

2 Huggies on sale 2/18.00
get back 3.00 in RR's
2/-3.00 coupons
Final cost: 4.50 each

2 M&m's for my hubby
I needed a filler item to use
my RR's

Used the 8.00 RR from the contact lens from trip 1
Used 4.50 RR from last week
Wag Savings: 3.48
Coupon Savings: 19.25
Total Savings 22.73

What I paid: 3.42
Got back 5.00 in RR's

trip 3
Contact solution on sale for 7.99
get back 8.00 in RR's
-2.00 coupon from last sundays paper
Final cost: FREE plus 2.00 money maker

Again- I needed a filler
item so I could use my RR's
so I got 3 boxes of pudding

Wag Savings 1.50
Coupon savings 7.00
I used the RR's from the huggies and the toothpase
3.00 and 2.00

What I paid: 2.07
got back 8.00 in RR's

OF COURSE I AM going back to get more HUGGIES today......
I still have a 8.00 in RR and the 5.00....and I still have plenty of
huggies coupons too!!